I’m Jane O’Roarke, and I’m an romantic suspense author that lives in the Mid-Atlantic region. Jane is my pen name because I work in a career that wouldn’t understand my obsession with romance novels!

So, I happily write under two pen names: Jane O’Roarke for my Romantic Suspense and I’m just starting to release my Sci-Fi Fantasy series – Mhcoriza Rising.  The first book is in pre-release over on Vella under my pen name – Shannon G. Caldwell.

I’ve been an avid romance reader for more than forty years and decided in 2009 to start writing my own! Necessary Line was my first book, and I was so excited to see it climb the charts on Amazon.

Spoiler: Bragging part of the post!

This might not seem like a big deal, but for an Indie published author it is! Look here as my book worked its way up the bestseller charts at Amazon!

Ok, fine. It’s not the New York Times Bestseller list, but still for me as a new writer, it was just the boost I needed- proof that someone other than my mother was going to buy my books! In this image, Necessary Line was # 2,366 in the paid Kindle store ( that means of ALL the kindle books available!! ) Crazy right! And Necessary Line had moved into #66 in Romantic Suspense in paid Kindle and # 73 in books (both print and kindle) for Romance.

I’ll take the top 100 in Romantic Suspense and call it a win!

The best location that Necessary Line gained was #61 in Books (both print and kindle) in Romantic Suspense. Color me awesome!!

Why the prolonged brag post? To show you the importance of having a passion and working toward it, even when you are not sure if you will be successful.

Necessary Line is not America’s Greatest Novel. It’s just a romance novel, and that’s o.k.! More important is that it’s MY romance novel. A novel that I wrote during a pretty dark time in my life when I was struggling on a number of different fronts.

It was my therapy, my ambition, and my hope all in one. It’s what I needed at the time, and to have other people appreciate my efforts, to validate my work is so important to me – then and now!

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