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  • The Girl Says Yes


    The Girl Says Yes



    An  Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Sports Action & Adventure Romance.

    In a world where love and danger collide, FBI Special Agent Cassie O’Brian and Navy SEAL Raj Gupta find themselves entangled in a high-stakes game of passion and pursuit. Their tumultuous relationship begins with an unexpected gunshot wound, and as their paths cross in the line of duty, sparks fly.

    But it’s not just bullets and terrorists they’re battling—it’s their own stubbornness and a matchmaking mother determined to bring them together. As Cassie and Raj race against time to uncover a secretive terrorist group, their fiery clashes and undeniable attraction become impossible to ignore.

    As their feelings deepen, so do the threats against them. Cassie’s mysterious past resurfaces, threatening not only their love but their very lives. Will they conquer the danger that surrounds them and finally admit their love for one another? Or will their explosive passion be extinguished by the secrets that could tear them apart?

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