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  • Controlling the Game (Paperback)


    Controlling the Game (Paperback)


    A secret baby, nerd-centric action & adventure romance. What happens when a wild weekend in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas?

    Sophie Timberlake is content with her life: data analyst by day, virtual dragon slayer by night– until… a chance encounter with a NFL superstar and a Navy Seal finds her in the middle of a delicious man sandwich.

    NFL superstar Ben Broate wasn’t ready to be done with Sophie and was pleased to find them linked in an eSports tournament. Sophie didn’t feel the same and was ready to leave her delicious encounter with Ben and his best friend at what it was – a pleasant vacation memory.

    Unfortunately, Sophie was in the right place asking the wrong questions, and now international terrorists want her gone. Can she slay the dragon to win the million dollars, help the FBI find the terrorists, and not bring trouble home with her?

    Playing this game just might change Sophie’s life in more ways than one.

    A stand-alone secret baby action & adventure romance set in the Men of Honor world.

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  • Girl Says Yes (Paperback)


    Girl Says Yes (Paperback)


    An  Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Sports Action & Adventure Romance.

    In a world where love and danger collide, FBI Special Agent Cassie O’Brian and Navy SEAL Raj Gupta find themselves entangled in a high-stakes game of passion and pursuit. Their tumultuous relationship begins with an unexpected gunshot wound, and as their paths cross in the line of duty, sparks fly.

    But it’s not just bullets and terrorists they’re battling—it’s their own stubbornness and a matchmaking mother determined to bring them together. As Cassie and Raj race against time to uncover a secretive terrorist group, their fiery clashes and undeniable attraction become impossible to ignore.

    As their feelings deepen, so do the threats against them. Cassie’s mysterious past resurfaces, threatening not only their love but their very lives. Will they conquer the danger that surrounds them and finally admit their love for one another? Or will their explosive passion be extinguished by the secrets that could tear them apart?

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  • Necessary Line (Paperback)


    Necessary Line (Paperback)


    An Instalove Action & Adventure Romance

    Kaida Petrovic fled Sarajevo, driven by dreams of a brighter future for her family. Little did she know that her pursuit of happiness would lead her into the clutches of kidnappers, her brother’s disappearance, and a bewildering entanglement with not one, but two extraordinary men. How can one girl navigate a love as complicated as this?

    Prior to Kaida’s arrival, NFL teammates Jett Tupou and Leo Sullivan were renowned for their prowess on and off the football field. Rescuing Kaida and clinching a Super Bowl victory was the easy part. The real challenge? Discovering how to share their hearts with the same woman without tearing their brotherly bond apart.

    In this sizzling romance, love takes center stage, testing the limits of loyalty, friendship, and passion. Can Kaida, Jett, and Leo find a way to make their unconventional love story work, or will it be a game-ender for them all?”

    This book is a standalone book in a series that does NOT end in a cliffhanger. It is a safe Instalove romance that ends in a HEA for the main characters.

    This book is a standalone book in a series that does NOT end in a cliffhanger. It is a safe romance that ends in a HEA for the main characters. Trigger Warning: Graphic language and sexual content best suited for readers 18+.  Contains references/flashbacks of previous  assault that might be triggering for some

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  • The Beginning: Thea (paperback)


    The Beginning: Thea (paperback)


    A Slow-Burn Fated Mates Paranormal Action & Adventure Romance Novella.

    Thea Duffy had settled into a life devoid of adventure, contentedly running her bustling diner and caring for her three aging uncles at their secluded mountain retreat.

    However, as dark winds began to rise, unsettling shadows cast ominous shapes around every corner of her tranquil existence. An ever-watchful eye followed her every move, signaling the impending unraveling of her serene mountain town. When a long-lost brother arrived, intent on claiming his rightful inheritance and Uncle Seamus fell gravely ill, Thea’s once-placid life was abruptly upended.

    Confronted with unexpected choices, Thea was at a crossroads. Would she retreat into the comforting embrace of her familiar mountain sanctuary, or would she seize the extraordinary opportunity that beckoned from across the Atlantic in the heart of Scotland?

    In The Beginning, Thea must grapple with her past and future, wrestling with the timeless question of fate. Would she remain concealed in the shadows, or could she summon the courage to step into the unknown and embrace the destiny that lay in wait?

    Embark on a journey of small-town love and the bonds of found families in this captivating tale. Follow Thea Duffy as she unravels the secrets of her heart and unlocks her true destiny, discovering that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures are hidden in the shadows.

    Romance Tropes: Found Family, Small Town Romance, Who Hurt You?, Fated Mates, Forced Proximity, Strong Female Heroine, Neurodiverse Heroine, Shifter Romance,

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  • The Rising: Thea (paperback)


    The Rising: Thea (paperback)


    Instalove Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Action & Adventure Romance

    Thea Duffy’s arrival in London sets a series of calamities in motion, sending her running back to the mountains of WV after a wild one-and-done with a sexy Scotsman…or three.

    Cormac and Fyn don’t have time for doomsday prophecies or their grandmother’s ravings about faeries. They are too busy saving the family business and Clan heirloom, but the universe has other plans. The stakes are higher than anyone knows; is this the beginning of the end?

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