The Awakening: Catherine (ebook)


Dr. Catherine Smith is racing against time to save her young patients life, figure out who’s behind the mysterious goings-on in her top-secret laboratory, and helping her new best friend, Thea Duffy save the world from an alien invasion.

Dmitri Razin is the intelligence guru for his family security business, and it’s not all spy thriller glamourous. He never expected to find love in a small town like Rocky Top, West Virginia, but Dr. Catherine has his heart and his balls in her delicate grip.  Things are starting to get strange.

Catherine’s got to choose between her career and taking the risk of loving again. Can she do it?

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Release Date: JANUARY 2024 – PRE-Orders Available Now!

In the heart of Rocky Top, West Virginia, Dr. Catherine Smith finds herself entangled in a whirlwind of high-stakes challenges and unexpected love. As a brilliant medical expert, Catherine races against time to save the life of a young patient, all while grappling with the mysteries lurking within her top-secret laboratory. But her life takes a breathtaking turn when she crosses paths with the enigmatic Dmitri Razin.

Dmitri, the intelligence guru for his family’s security business, never imagined that fate would lead him to a small town like Rocky Top. Yet, within its unassuming charm, the attraction between Dmitri and Catherine ignites, leaving him spellbound.  As their passion deepens, strange occurrences unfurl around them, hinting at a looming alien invasion. Together with Catherine’s newfound best friend, Thea Duffy, they must confront a perilous reality: the fate of the world rests in their hands.

Amid the chaos, Catherine faces a soul-searching dilemma. Should she shield her heart from the possibility of love, or will she dare to risk it all for Dmitri?

In this gripping tale of Fae Shifter Romance, Catherine must navigate a treacherous path of love and duty, where the fate of humanity and her heart hang in the balance. Will she find the courage to embrace love once more and play her part in saving not only her patient but the world itself?

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Ebook, Paperback

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